Marketing Websites Building

Our intelligent website building system integrates various marketing ideas, methods and skills into website planning, design and establishment. There are numerous sets of templates with European and American styles for you to choose from. You can fill in any personalized contents you like and the website will be automatically generated. With the use of Microsoft Azure Global Cloud Server, we provide global customers with secure and stable website space.

Small Language Websites

Our intelligent website building system supports website building for 47 languages except English, such as German, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, etc. Also, we provide website translation generation service for all those 47 languages websites.

WAP Mobile Website

Every PC website is equipped with a mobile WAP website that is suitable for mobile browsing and is consistent with the mobile search rules.

Factory VR Panorama

Based on advanced VR technology and 360-degree panoramic display technology, we provide various customers with VR website building service: a set of development systems and application support systems for various VR panoramic display website, and up to 20 static panoramic scenes (one aerial panoramic image can be included).

SEO for Multilingual Websites and Multi Search Engines

We provide site-wide SEO since the beginning of the website building and once finished the website will be optimized automatically. Our keyword analysts will help you analyze the industry and your products in depth, so as to give more advice about a large quantity of high quality keywords and long tail keywords covering all potential buyers' search behavior and habits. For all of those 48-language websites, we provide professional SEO service for websites in various search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Yandes and so on.

Foreign Trade Express Business Software

The business software, designed by our technical team, is a kind of software providing business information exposure and rapid dissemination services. By using the software, you can create new business account on thousands of world's well-known foreign trade B2B business platform and release your product information or service information on the relevant platform. Through all these efforts, we'll help you get your products and services exposed to more customers and get more traffic for your website, and thus converse them into enquiry and order.

Keyword Ranking Statistic

Our intelligent monitoring system will count the google rankings of all the keywords that users are optimizing.

Website Traffic Statistics

Our intelligent monitoring system will count the PV and access IP of the user's website in real time every day.

View Accessing Domain Names

Except for counting website traffic, users can also check the accessing domain names or the enquiry convenient links through our intelligent monitoring system. Once you clicked, all data will be recorded on the website management platform which is convenient for customers to check and manage.

E-mail and Enquiry Management

For all websites built on our automatic website construction system, we provide convenient links that customers who are interested in your products can click to send e-mail or enquiry to you. And once the links being clicked, the website admin system will record all the information for you to check and manage.

Foreign Trade Express APP

You can check and manage the keywords ranking, traffic, accessing source, E-mail and enquiry and interact with your customers wherever and whenever possible.